Shadowfield: Rise of the Lycans/Η εξέγερση των λύκων

The Tournament
The first big win!

The six players are in the Great School of Martial Arts in Azeroth Castle learning their way of fight.

The party was already three years into the Great School of Martial Arts and they are ready for their Graduation Trial. They learned from the Master of the School that their have to fight into the Tournament. The team which will win the Tournament is going to take a big reward and take part in the Hall of Fame.

The four of the six heroes fought hard and the won their first opponents; a Sorcerer, a Fighter, a Ranger and a Rogue.
Then all six heroes won the long battle between the other team consisting of a Ninja, a Monk, a Sanmurai, a Ninja and a Master Throuwer.

After their win the Master of the School congratulated the heroes and he offered them a place in the Royal Army.


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